Halloween Safety For Parents, Kids & Drivers

Halloween is an exciting time in West Michigan for kids and youth alike… elaborate costumes, trick or treating and free candy! But while scary movies and decorations might be a welcome addition this time every year, the terrifying risk of a child being struck by an automobile is one doctors and safety officers say families don’t think about enough. Yet according to recent studies, the risk of kids being hit by a car is higher on Halloween than on any other day of the year. Have fun while staying safe by following these important rules on Halloween safety for parents, kids and drivers.


Tips For Parents

  • Light ’em up: Help your child be more visible when it’s dimly lit or dark outside by adding reflective tape to trick or treat bags and costumes, and by giving your [...]

If you’ve lived in West Michigan long, you have realized that the odds of encountering a deer in the road are extremely high.  In fact, the state of Michigan ranked 9th overall in the USA for the number of vehicle and deer collisions in 2017 with reports averaging that 1 out of 85 drivers will need to file an insurance claim related to hitting one.  So how do you avoid becoming one of the statistics this fall in the greater Grand Rapids area and steer clear of hitting a deer?  Follow these safety tips for deer and driving in West Michigan.


What You Need To Know

  • Be aware of high-risk deer areas: It’s possible to find deer in urban areas but they’re found most often in rural surroundings. Be alert on the countryside roads we [...]

The 11th National Teen Driver Safety Week begins this week and focuses its attention on reminding parents to talk to their young drivers of the additional steps needed to prevent accidents.  Too often, these young drivers inexperience lead to poor decisions and actions behind the wheel, leaving them more susceptible to being involved in an accident, some of them fatal.  Today, we’re discussing not only the problems and challenges are youth face behind the wheel of an automobile but what we can all do to better equip them for successfully gaining the experience they need.


How Big Is The Problem?

  • Currently, automobile accidents are the leading cause of death for teens from 15 years old to 18 years old in the US.
  • On average, 9 teens ages 16-19 are killed every day of the year.
  • 47% [...]
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