Easy & Affordable Tech Upgrades For Your Older Vehicle

While most people would love to have all the latest whistles and gadgets that come in a new vehicle, that’s not always possible with everyone’s budget. But the great news is… just because you need to purchase a vehicle that is missing some of the extra options you are looking for, doesn’t mean you have to do without!  Here are some terrific upgrades that are both budget-friendly and can help you bring your older vehicle into the 21st century.


Phone Mounts

Phone mounts might not be part of the recent wave of technological advancements in car technology but they are key components in creating a safe and legal way, when combined with other hands-free tools, to utilize your smartphone while you’re behind the wheel. By utilizing a phone mount, your phone can be [...]

When you’re in the market for a new vehicle, there can be a lot to consider… what make, model and year are you looking to find, will you be buying new or used, and even if you’ll secure financing? If so, should you find it independently or should you finance through a dealership? While we may not be able to make some of those decisions for you, we can help provide helpful information regarding the positives and negatives of financing through a dealership.

Know Before You Go

Before you decide if financing through a dealership is the right choice for you, it’s important to know what your credit score is, what you can do to improve it and double-check there aren’t any errors on the report.  Your credit score includes information about you to lenders on where you [...]

Summer is synonymous with road trips for many across West Michigan. But just because you plan to get out of town, doesn’t mean you need to spend more doing so than necessary. Before you go, check out these tips and tricks to save money on your next road trip.


Plan Ahead

While spontaneity can bring excitement to a trip, it can also make things more expensive than they absolutely need to be but making some decisions beforehand, you can help reduce the overall cost of your trip versus making decisions on the fly. Start by deciding some of these things…

  • Will it be a house, a condo or a boat? If so, utilizing websites like Homeaway, VRBO or Airbnb to find lodging at a privately owned home or rental can help you [...]
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