Steps To Buying A Used Car

Whether you are considering buying a new or used car, van, SUV or truck, it can often feel overwhelming when you begin your search, including trying to decide how to cover your bases in order to get the best deal while securing the right vehicle for your needs. But with a little bit of planning ahead, you can take the stress out of buying a vehicle with this simple roadmap to buying a new or used car.


Understand Your Needs

Before you set out to find the vehicle that will work best for you, it’s important to get a firm understanding of what that specifically entails. Consider the following questions when narrowing down the vehicle field:


  • Should I buy new or used?
  • What is the primary purpose of this vehicle?
  • Will it be a family [...]

Although there typically isn’t a lot of accumulated snow in the greater Grand Rapids area during the month of November, it’s not surprising to get our first few sporadic snowfalls during this time and even less surprisingly… they can wreak havoc on the roads for West Michigan drivers. While we all know it’s coming, many seem to forget each year that a good set of tires can be the difference between getting where you want to go and finding yourself stranded on the side of the road. For those that need it, here’s a little Tires 101 to help catch everybody up to speed.


Understand Your Tread

You hear plenty of folks putting a lot of emphases on vehicles that have all wheel drive or four wheel drive during wintry months where they [...]

Fall is a beautiful time of year in West Michigan but along with the crisp temps, football games and falling leaves come seasonally unique challenges for drivers on local urban and rural roads. From critters and weather to reduced sunlight and debris in the way, there are many fall hazards waiting for drivers in the greater Grand Rapids area this November.


Fluctuating Temps

While there are many hazards drivers must face during autumn in November, one of the most challenging ones is often the fluctuating and varying temperatures that we face in the greater Grand Rapids area. Meteorologists certainly do their best to give us their educated predictions on what kind of moisture we’ll be dealing with but certainly, Michigan drivers have come to understand too often that autumn weather brings it all to our [...]

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