There’s no doubt about it… over the years, used car salesmen have gotten a terrible rap.  Where it started or exactly who began to perpetuate it may not be known, but there’s no denying that used car salesmen have become stereotyped as smarmy, low-life characters who are capable of duplicitous deeds.  In fact, a 2012 Gallup Poll found that used car salesmen ranked as the #1 profession people trust least, with an underwhelming 8% of Americans finding them credible.  Yikes!!

Now this is a big problem for the honest guys (yes, they do actually exist) who are truly just trying to help you find the right car to fit both your needs and your budget.  Perhaps an insurmountable problem for some, our Broadmoor Motors staff knows that honesty is the best policy and are prepared to shed some light on the sometimes dark and dastardly business of used car sales.  Today, we’re peeling back the curtain to unveil to you  7 Secrets Our Salesmen Wished You Knew.


Secret #1: They hate high pressure sales as much as you.

High pressure sales feel gross… to the intended buyer and to our employees.  Our salesmen are people just like you and understand how uncomfortable it can be working with an aggressive salesman.  That’s why, unlike traditional car dealerships, we make it a point to create a no pressure, casual car buying experience for all of our customers. We trust in our buyer’s ability to decide for themselves if they’re interested in purchasing a specific vehicle or not.  So while our knowledgeable salesmen are more than happy to answer any questions you might have, they’re also just as happy to let you to shop in peace.  Our goal at Broadmoor Motors is not to just sell a car, it’s to help our customers find the right vehicle for their needs which may or may not be at our Caledonia, Hastings or Wayland {coming soon!!} locations.


Secret #2: They don’t make commissions on the vehicles they sell.

It sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it?  Imagine a salesmen not making a commission off a sale!  Is it possible for a salesmen to even be motivated to sell without earning one?  The answer we’ve found is a resounding YES!  In our experience, commission sales can not only lead to aggressive sales tactics, they can lead to less flexibility at the bargaining table.  We believe by removing the commission piece out of the car buying puzzle, it allows our salesmen to focus entirely on our customer’s needs and budget, rather than calculating how a higher purchase price can earn them a bigger paycheck.

We want our salesmen to focus instead on serving our customers and not trying to “sell” them on anything.  And you know what we’ve found by doing this?  People are happy with this process!  Both happy with the car they’re buying and happy with the price they paid for it. By serving our customers rather than selling to them, we build a relationship with them and hopefully gain a customer for life.  To better align with our mission, we opt instead to reward our used car salesmen at the end of the month with an overall bonus for cars sold versus price paid, which we find is a more effective way to achieve those goals.


Secret #3: We’re not out to get you.

With that same philosophy of serving people and creating customers for life in lieu of just trying to make a sale, we are selective in who we hire to join our team.  Our family owned & operated business has spent the last 60 years building a reputation for great cars at a fair price and it would be sad to let it slip away in the hopes of making a one time car sale.  Our salesmen are good people and part of the Hastings, Caledonia and {coming soon!} Wayland communities we are located within.  We support local schools and charities through sponsorships not for advertisement but because we actually care.  And the very last thing we want to do is hoodwink or swindle any Broadmoor Motors customer into purchasing any vehicle.  What we will do instead is stand behind our vehicles and use transparency throughout the entire used car purchase.


Secret #4: Used Cars can have warranties.

Upset that the manufacturer’s warranty has already expired?  You don’t have to be at Broadmoor Motors.  Unlike many local used car dealerships who choose not to offer a warranty on their used vehicles, a warranty comes standard on almost every single vehicle we sell.  While most used car dealerships offer no warranty, those that do typically only offer ones that cover 50% on parts and 50% on labor.  Broadmoor Motors covers 100% of the costs!!  So instead of crossing your fingers and buying As-Is, you can drive away with confidence when purchasing a pre-owned vehicle from us.


Secret #5: They don’t like car games either.

Unless we’re talking about the Alphabet or License Plate game, our salesmen aren’t interested in playing any car games. Our mission at Broadmoor Motors and the mission of our salesmen is to be transparent throughout the car buying process.  They don’t want to lure you in with the promise of a big trade in value like some dealerships do when they only add it back into the selling price of the car.  Instead, our used car salesmen try to use balance to find a fair price on the right used vehicle for your needs.


Secret #6: Transparent financing.

Transparent financing is not always the rule of thumb for every dealership.  Many opt to mark up the interest rate available to their customers and why you might be recommended by friends not to secure your financing through a new or used car dealership.  Broadmoor Motors works with many of the same banks and credit unions that are familiar to you already, we just choose not to mark up the interest rate.


Secret #7: We offer extended service contracts.

In addition to giving our Broadmoor Motors customers a warranty on every used car they purchase, we now offer extended service agreements available for purchase.  Just like our financing, our extended service agreements are transparent and simple.  We don’t add a bunch of costly, unnecessary items and instead focus on what’s important to getting the most out of your vehicle.  All service work is administered locally, removing the headache of dealing with some 1-800 number and we handle the work right here so you don’t have to take your vehicle to an unfamiliar shop.


Buying a vehicle doesn’t have to be a painful and shady process!  At Broadmoor Motors, we specialize in finding the right used minivan, truck, SUV or car to fit your personal or business needs, all while giving you the best deal we can on both your purchase and trade in.  Our family has been in the car business for over 60 years and continues to be family owned and operated in both our Caledonia, Hastings and coming soon Wayland locations with financing available to those who qualify.  We will find you the right vehicle to fit both your budget and your needs.

Let Broadmoor Motors save you time and money when buying your next quality, Pre-Owned Car or Work Truck and on your next Car Rental.  Whether you need a short term car rental, long term car rental, a replacement while your vehicle is getting serviced or simply need to replace your car, minivan, truck or SUV with a great used vehicle, we can help you out.  Broadmoor Motors is here for all your Car Rental, Car Sales, and Auto Service needs in the greater Grand Rapids and Barry County area.  Give us a call at 616.698.9595 in Caledonia  or 269.320.6304 in Hastings to see how we can get you back on the road!