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7 Things Safe Drivers Do

Are you a safe driver?  In a recent study, 2/3 of American drivers consider their own driving ability, knowledge and safe driving habits as higher than other drivers.  But with a shocking 10 million automobile accidents annually, it would seem that some are overly confident in their own abilities. Aggressive drivers, distracted drivers, impaired drivers, inclement weather and wildlife can all become unwelcome hazards with you out on the road.  While you may not be able to fully control every situation out on the road, the conditions or even the drivers around you, there are things that safe drivers all have in common.


Put Their Cell Phone Away

Distracted driving… it’s in the news all the time these days of people on their phones talking, texting, taking selfies or even using social media while behind the wheel.  We even see it ourselves out on the road with the car who’s driving erratically.  But just how much has the epidemic of distracted driving increased over the last few years?  A shocking 69% of adults, aged 18-64, admit to using their smartphone while driving in the last month alone!!  When you factor in that using a cell phone increases your risk of having an accident by 25%, it’s no wonder that safe drivers put their phones away and choose to drive without the added distraction.


Plan Ahead

Life is hectic and if you’re like most people, your To Do list is usually longer than what the day allows and in the hustle and bustle of it all, it can be easy to be in a rush out on the road.  But safe drivers do the opposite.  They give themselves ample time to get to their destination on time, without speeding to do so.  They plan their route ahead of time to avoid having to look at directions on their phone or navigation while behind the wheel.  They also plan for when they’ll need a designated driver in situations where they may be impaired.


Use Their Headlights

Lights increase visibility in the dark, obviously.  But did you know that driving with your headlights on in the daytime does as well?  It’s true! One of the most effective and easiest ways to make a vehicle safer during the day is to have daytime running lights on your vehicle. Studies have shown that daytime running lights can reduce multiple-vehicle daytime crashes by as much as 11%. Such lights have proven especially effective at preventing daytime head-on and front-corner collisions by making it easier for motorists to see a vehicle, particularly as it approaches from far away.  This can be especially important during rain, snowfall or other inclement weather that can hamper visibility.  Don’t have daytime running lights on your vehicle?  No problem… simply turn on your low beams before heading out. Just don’t forget to turn them back off.


Drive Defensively

Safe drivers know that defensive driving dramatically reduces their risk of being involved in an accident.  So what does defensive entail?  From the National Safety Council’s Defensive Driving course: defensive driving is defined as… “driving to save lives, time, and money, in spite of the conditions around you and the actions of others.”  Defensive driving involves many things but can be broken down into: staying focused at the task at hand; scanning ahead for possible dangers or hazards in the road; creating a buffer zone around your vehicle; planning escape routes; staying alert; staying calm; controlling your speed.


Adjust Mirrors

Having properly adjusted mirrors increases your visibility of the entire space around you and removes blind spots that make you vulnerable to merging into the path of another vehicle in the lane next to you.  They also increase the safety of everyone around while backing up a vehicle.  Properly adjusted mirrors can significantly reduce blind spots and improve reaction time. As part of your daily driving routine, you should be sure that all of your mirrors are properly adjusted.


Stay Alert

Alertness is about being aware of what is happening around you on the road. It means knowing where other road users are and what they are most likely to do, what hazards you are coming up to and where the road goes ahead. It means not being distracted by things you don’t need to be distracted by, such as an accident on the other side of the highway or checking that notification on your cell phone, and focusing 100% on driving.


Drive A Safe Vehicle

Being a safe driver is largely dependent on the person behind the wheel of the vehicle but having a safe vehicle can be just as important.  Advancements in technology and materials have led to vehicles that are much safer to drive than their predecessors. But not all vehicles are created equal.  Before purchasing your next vehicle, check out its NHTSA safety ratings in front, rear and side impacts to ensure the vehicle performs up to your expectations.



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