Fall is a beautiful time in West Michigan!  With the crisp Autumn days and delightful color changes in the leaves, it’s not hard to see why so many prefer this season to the hot and sticky days of Summer or the frosty, cool nights of Winter in Grand Rapids.  But along with the fun of football games and hunts for the perfect pumpkin, Fall brings along a unique set of driving problems and hazards.

Deer On The Road

  • Be Alert Dusk & Dawn – While you can hit a deer anytime of the day, the most active time of the day for them to be moving is at dawn and again at dusk.  Be especially alert during these times and on the lookout for telltale signs of glowing eyes reflecting on the side of the road.
  • Slow Down – Slowing down in highly deer dense areas will not only help give you a chance to spot them before encountering them, but it also helps decrease the amount of damage it causes if you do happen to hit one.
  • Look For More – Deer travel in groups, which means that it’s unlikely that there will be just one crossing the road even if you only see one right now.  If you see one, slow down and look for more that may dart across the road to follow.
  • Steer Don’t Veer – It may go against your natural instinct to try and avoid an obstacle in the road but doing so may cause you to leave the roadway and hit a tree or cross the center line and strike another vehicle head on.  While it may be natural, veering to avoid a deer is the opposite of what you should do.  Instead, brake firmly and calmly while staying in your own lane.


Fall Leaves

  • Leaf Piles – In some cities, residents are allowed to rake their leaves into piles along the curbside of the road.  Understand that those piles may not just hold leaves but objects such as thicker logs and rocks that may do damage to your vehicle may be hiding in them as well.
  • Leaves In The Road – Not only can leaves cover the roadway, making them slippery and harder to navigate but they can also hide objects below them like potholes and curbs.  Be sure to slow down when driving over leaves and understand that they make reduce traction.


Daylight Savings

  • Darkness – As the Earth shifts its access and the days become shorter, so do the available hours of daylight to drive within.  Darkness affects our bodies in many ways, some of which include depth perception, color recognition and even peripheral vision.  In addition to those challenges, glare from oncoming headlights can further impede vision, making it momentarily difficult to see the road ahead of you.
  • Sleepiness – With the increase in darkness, our bodies and circadian rhythms can become confused between night and day, making you tired earlier than normal.  Not only is this inconvenient to leading a productive life but it can cause drowsiness behind the wheel. Try to avoid long drives if at all possible while it’s dark and if you’re unable to avoid it completely, take breaks when needed to get some fresh air.


Wet Road Conditions

  • Rain – Rain on the roadway can make it slippery and increase your chances of hydroplaning.  Heavy rain can also make it difficult to see clearly.  It’s important to slow down when inclement weather hits and to turn on your headlights, not only to increase your ability to see but so other can see you better as well.
  • Snow & Ice – Highways and streets that are covered in snow and ice can become hazardous quickly.  These conditions reduce traction and make stop times longer, making it imperative to slow down and to give yourself more space between yourself and the vehicle ahead of you, in addition to more time to stop.
  • Windshield – Rain can obstruct your view, while snow and ice can freeze on your vehicle’s windshield and to your windshield wipers.  Be sure to use your vehicle’s defrosters to help keep it free of fog and slush, and be sure to replace broken or cracked windshield wipers to ensure they are working properly. Keep your windshield free of streaks and smudges by giving it a thorough cleaning and take a few minutes to wipe your windshield wipers with a cleaning solution on a damp cloth to wipe off any excess grease or dirt that may build up and impede its ability to clear your windshield of any moisture.



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