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Technology has changed tremendously over the years in modern vehicles and while we may not have the flying cars we were once promised, and probably came to expect by the year 2020, there have been significant advances in not only safety features in today’s cars, vans, SUV’s and trucks but options of comfort designed to simply increase the rider’s experience. Below are just a few of the exciting new tech options for vehicles in 2020!


Seat Massage

According to the United States Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, Americans now drive more annually than they ever have in history. Clocking in at 13,476 miles a year, that breaks down to 293 hours spent behind the wheel on average for US drivers! When you consider the time people will [...]

Money Saving Driving Tips

If you’ve ever purchased a vehicle before, you know they are rarely cheap and if they are, they are likely to be unreliable. Even after the initial upfront cost of buying a car, owners are hit with more expenses just from owning and using it. But there’s good news for beleaguered drivers… there are steps you can take to help keep more green in your wallet. Here are our money-saving driving tips…


Drive Smarter

Defensive Driving – Defensive driving is not only a safer, more conservative and smarter way to drive, it is also highly cost efficient. Simple acts of defensive driving such as maintaining a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you and being aware of your surroundings can help you [...]

Although there typically isn’t a lot of accumulated snow in the greater Grand Rapids area during the month of November, it’s not surprising to get our first few sporadic snowfalls during this time and even less surprisingly… they can wreak havoc on the roads for West Michigan drivers. While we all know it’s coming, many seem to forget each year that a good set of tires can be the difference between getting where you want to go and finding yourself stranded on the side of the road. For those that need it, here’s a little Tires 101 to help catch everybody up to speed.


Understand Your Tread

You hear plenty of folks putting a lot of emphases on vehicles that have all wheel drive or four wheel drive during wintry months where they [...]

A vehicle is arguably one of the most expensive purchases each person will make in their lifetime so it only makes sense that you would want to do everything you can to maintain its value and mitigate future financial loss when you decide it is time to trade it in or to sell it privately. If you are looking to develop habits that increase your car’s resale value we suggest following the following…


Regular Maintenance

Having regular maintenance done to your vehicle can not only help prevent larger, more expensive issues from becoming a problem over the course of you driving it but it can also help you get more cash when you decide to sell it for something newer. Periodical maintenance can include oil changes done on the correct schedule, regular tune-ups, having an alignment, and [...]

Fall is returning to West Michigan and along with it, plenty of sporting events to attend with family and friends to root for your favorite team! Whether your sport of choice is football, soccer or the various types of car racing, one thing is certain… having a vehicle that’s ready to become a tailgating supercar will add fun and excitement to any event. Here are our tips on how to get your ride tailgate ready!

1. Create A Gameplan

Your favorite team wouldn’t step out onto the field without formulating a plan ahead of the big game and neither should you! Before you go, start by finding out what the weather conditions will be like the day of the event, which anyone in the greater Grand Rapids area knows can vary from one extreme [...]

Drivers Training is a great starting point for teaching young teens the rules of the road and to get them some experience behind the wheel, but as any parent of a new driver has already figured out, there is still plenty to learn before they should begin driving on their own. Michigan’s Graduated Licensing Program puts that responsibility in the hands of parents and guardians with a Graduated Level 1 License by requiring 50 hours of driving, with 10 of those being nighttime hours spent with their teen behind the wheel before they can even attempt to pass their driving test and gain their Graduated Level 2 License. During that time, here are the ten things to teach your young driver so you (and they) can feel confident behind the wheel.


Good Drivers Aren’t Born, [...]

While most people would love to have all the latest whistles and gadgets that come in a new vehicle, that’s not always possible with everyone’s budget. But the great news is… just because you need to purchase a vehicle that is missing some of the extra options you are looking for, doesn’t mean you have to do without!  Here are some terrific upgrades that are both budget-friendly and can help you bring your older vehicle into the 21st century.


Phone Mounts

Phone mounts might not be part of the recent wave of technological advancements in car technology but they are key components in creating a safe and legal way, when combined with other hands-free tools, to utilize your smartphone while you’re behind the wheel. By utilizing a phone mount, your phone can be [...]

Over the course of its existence, visiting the Secretary of State(SOS) or Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has become synonymous with being about as much fun as a root canal. And in a way, it makes sense. Hours spent sitting in line, waiting to renew your license, get your tab or title a vehicle, only to hope you have everything you need when you get to the front of the line… who in their right mind would actually look forward to it?  But recent changes to the State of Michigan’s Secretary of State offer better solutions to help avoid long lines and endless hours sitting at one of their locations and as a dealership who has to frequent the DMV often, we’re letting you in on the tips and tricks we know that can get the [...]

It’s been in the news frequently over the last year but there has finally been a resolution to change car insurance for Michigan drivers. In case you somehow managed to miss it, Michigan Legislature recently voted to make significant changes to not only how our state’s auto insurance will work but the way policy premiums can be decided. What do all of these changes mean to the average Grand Rapids driver? Well, that’s still up for debate on how it will all shake out in the end but we’ll start with the changes to Michigan’s No-Fault auto insurance and leave it up to you to form an opinion.


New Options For PIP (Personal Injury Protection)

Michigan is the only state in the USA which mandates all drivers carry an unlimited amount of personal injury protection or PIP [...]

You work hard for your money so why would you want to spend more on your vehicle than you absolutely need to buy it pr maintain it? In an effort to help our customers save more, we’re talking today about easy ways to avoid wasting money on your vehicle!


Buying A Used Vehicle Without A Warranty

There was a time when you simply couldn’t find a used vehicle from a dealership that also came with a warranty on it but those days have changed. Some dealerships, like Broadmoor Motors, have begun to offer their customers not only a variety of quality vehicles but ones that come backed by a warranty and then the option to purchase extended warranties. Which begs the question… if you could purchase a vehicle that you know comes with the certainty that you [...]

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