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test driving a vehicle

Whether you’re thinking about purchasing a new or used vehicle, taking a prospective car for a test drive before you buy it can be one of the easiest ways to help you avoid possible frustrations and costly repairs in the future. But did you know that a surprising 1 in 6 people are opting to skip out on taking the vehicle they thinking about buying for a simple test drive before buying it? When you consider that a vehicle purchase is often the second most expensive purchase a person will make in their life, it seems crazy that they wouldn’t spend an hour or so driving it before signing on the bottom line to make sure it fits not only their lifestyle but that it doesn’t have any immediate warning signs for issues [...]


Today’s vehicles are safer than and that is by no accident. Since the 1960s, car manufacturers have been continuously working to add more safety features to keep drivers and passengers alike, safer inside of automobiles. This process has become two-fold, beginning with trying to safeguard people in the event of an accident and now has transformed into using technology to help prevent them before they even happen. Below are some of the ways manufacturers continue on this quest by expanding on previous advancements and with exciting, new technology.


Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive cruise control is an intuitive technology that utilizes the cruise control already equipped in vehicles with sensors and computing power to adjust the speed of your vehicle to go faster or slower according to the speed of the vehicle in front of you. Advanced [...]

Winter in West Michigan can feel seemingly endless and for those who need to commute to work, school or for errands, driving can at times go from difficult to extremely hard to navigate. But having the right tires in the right condition can make all the difference between getting you safely to your end destination or getting stuck and stranded.  While it may feel inconvenient to take the time to look over your tires to evaluate their integrity, doing so now can save you time, money and frustration in the long run.


Tire Pressure – If you’re not a winter type of person, the dropping temperatures can affect your mood but for the air in your tires, it can cause the pressure inside to lower and create unsafe, underinflated tires.  Despite hearing how driving on underinflated tires can [...]

Buying a vehicle can have a significant effect on both your budget and your overall peace of mind so it’s no wonder why so many people feel overwhelmed by the task.  But taking the time to ask yourself the following useful questions before you even begin your search, can lessen the burden and help lead you down the right path for you, your lifestyle and your wallet.


Should I buy a new or used car?

Buying a brand new vehicle versus a quality pre-owned vehicle can literally cost you thousands of dollars more but that shouldn’t immediately turn you away from buying a new car, nor should the possible issues that could arise from buying a used car leave you running for the hills in fear of purchasing a lemon.  There are clear benefits to buying new and purchasing used, and only by considering all [...]

If you’ve lived in West Michigan long, you have realized that the odds of encountering a deer in the road are extremely high.  In fact, the state of Michigan ranked 9th overall in the USA for the number of vehicle and deer collisions in 2017 with reports averaging that 1 out of 85 drivers will need to file an insurance claim related to hitting one.  So how do you avoid becoming one of the statistics this fall in the greater Grand Rapids area and steer clear of hitting a deer?  Follow these safety tips for deer and driving in West Michigan.


What You Need To Know

  • Be aware of high-risk deer areas: It’s possible to find deer in urban areas but they’re found most often in rural surroundings. Be alert on the countryside roads we [...]

It’s a topic that no parent wants to think about but the leading cause of death for children in the United States is injuries caused during a motor vehicle accident.  Realizing that every 33 seconds a child under the age of 13 is involved in an accident, it’s no wonder the NHTSA has made it a priority to create National Child Safety Awareness Week to help share important info with parents and give them the best chance of keeping their children as safe as they can be while in a vehicle.


Use The Proper Seat

Knowing whether your child should be sitting in a rear-facing car seat, forward facing car seat, booster seat or old enough to sit without one is paramount in keeping your child safe and could be the difference in an accident causing serious injuries or even a [...]

There are hundreds of used vehicles available to purchase in Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas. With so many options, it can be difficult to narrow down which is best when you’re ready to purchase your next used car, work truck, minivan, SUV or commercial vehicle. While it may be impossible to avoid all mistakes in life, avoiding these 10 used car buying mistakes can help you feel more confident that you are getting a great deal on a good used vehicle…


1. Not Doing Researching – Before you even begin to shop around, whether online or in person, it’s important to do your homework so you know what type of vehicle will work for you and what options are non-negotiable for your lifestyle.  Once you are confident in the kind of vehicle you are looking for [...]

There are a lot of options when it comes to purchasing a used car, minivan, truck, SUV, commercial truck or work van in the greater Grand Rapids area.  With so many dealerships and vehicles available, it can be tricky to know which one to choose.  Before you sign on the dotted line, check out our list of 7 Items Every Used Vehicle Should Include!


The amount of features available on used vehicles is seemingly endless but before you buy your next used truck, SUV, car or minivan, it’s important to decide what features are absolutely essential for your needs.  Know what matters most to you and then don’t compromise if it’s essential.

Vehicle Report

It’s important to understand the history of the vehicle you are considering purchasing before you buy it in order to [...]

Keeping our children safe is the paramount concern for parents but as kids develop into teens, it can be much more challenging to maintain control over their safety while also giving them the independence that comes from having their own driver’s license.  Even as vehicles have become much more advanced with safety features designed to decrease the risk of a serious accident, statistically more and more teens are being involved in fatal accidents every year.  Distracted driving is a large factor in this increase, with infotainment centers and smartphone use as a large contributing factor.

But before you toss your teen’s phone out the window or lock it at home when handing over the car keys, it’s possible to use that smartphone to your advantage! Many tech-savvy parents are turning to apps designed to provide them with information not only on [...]

2014 Ford Edge SEL FWD SUV

Check out our extensive inventory of Hyundai, Honda, Toyota, Chevy, and Ford SUVs at our three locations in Wayland, Caledonia & Hastings, MI. Financing is available.

If you’ve been looking for a reliable SUV with a ton of great options that’s backed by a WARRANTY, then you will want to check out this 2014 Ford Edge AWD SUV!!

This Ford SUV has been Detailed and Safety Inspected, Fully Serviced and backed by a 30 day/3,000 mile Powertrain Warranty!!  Equipped with a 3.5L V6 automatic transmission, this SUV is also loaded with the technology and convenience you’d expect.

Features included on this Loaded Edge are Leather Interior, Backup Camera, Power Moonroof, Keyless Entry, Touch Screen Radio, Remote Start, Power Moonroof, Excellent Tires and so much more!!

Fully Serviced, Safety Inspected, Detailed and ready for its new owner, this [...]

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