October might be known best for ghosts and goblins and trick or treaters but a lesser known fact is that October is Fall Car Care month.  As the temperatures begin to dip at night, everyone in West Michigan gets a gentle reminder that winter is indeed coming and now is the time to make sure your car, minivan, truck or SUV is ready for the rain, sleet, snow and ice that will inevitably befall us all in Grand Rapids.  Here are

Tire Care:

As the only point of contact between your vehicle and the road beneath it, your tires have a unique and extremely critical job in not only getting you from point A to point B but in doing it safely.  With every 10° degree drop in temperature, your tires will lose approximately 1-2 pounds of pressure.  Make sure to check your tire’s pressure once the cold nights begin to move in and more frequently once the snow begins to fall.  In addition, prepare for the slick roads that are sure to be ahead by making sure your tire’s tread has plenty of life left in them and there is no uneven wear.  If there is uneven wear or less than 2/3 inch, it’s time to replace them.


Battery Care:

Cold temperatures are hard on your car’s battery and it’s no wonder that dead batteries are the number one reason for roadside assistance calls. While dead batteries can be inconvenient in nice weather, but they can become deadly when the temperatures become frigid and one leaves you stranded in a storm with no help.  Check your battery beforehand to ensure its connections are clean, tight and corrosion free.  We also recommend having it tested at a local parts store to see how much battery life is left and replacing batteries that are 3 years or older.


Fluid Care:

Your vehicle needs fluid in order to operate correctly but just as the frigid cold can make us move slower, it can do the same thing to your vehicle’s fluids. Be sure to check your vehicle’s oil, power steering, antifreeze, brake, transmission and washer fluid to make sure they are full and that their color is normal.  If your washer fluid has been diluted with water, be sure to drain it to avoid it freezing.  Keeping an eye on their levels can notify you of a problem before it becomes serious as well as helping your vehicle perform at its best.


Hose & Belt Care:

Extreme temperatures can take their toll on the rubber that makes up your vehicle’s belts and hoses.  But taking a few minutes to inspect them for any cracks, frays or wear that could compromise their integrity and cause them to break could mean the difference between a vehicle that runs well and one that leaves you stranded. Replace any hoses or belts that look like they’ve been compromised in advance to avoid an unfortunate situation.


Brake Care:

Brakes have one role in your vehicle and that’s to make sure your it stops when you want it to.  With the addition of snow and ice, braking becomes even more difficult and the need to make sure they’re working properly becomes even more important.  Having your brake systems checked including brake pads, rotors, drums and brake linings to ensure they are ready for winter driving will not only leave you safer in the long run but the other drivers out on the road with you.


Heating & Cooling Care:

A warm car feels great in the harsh winter months but your vehicle’s heating and cooling system plays an important role in keeping your vehicle safe as well. Besides making the interior of the vehicle comfortable, the heat it also helps prevent ice from building up on your car’s windshield wipers and keeping your windshield free of frost.  Do yourself a favor and check your vehicle’s heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems to make sure they are working the right way before the weather turns.


Light Care:

As the days become shorter in Grand Rapids, the need for our vehicle’s headlights and tailgates increases.  Check that all your lights are not only clean, bright and working but functioning properly.  Replace any that you find are not or that have become dull.  To clean your headlights, use toothpaste on a cloth to rub on the headlights in small circles, adding water and more toothpaste as needed until they are restored back to their original shine.


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