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Future Car Safety Features

When Back To The Future came out, it predicted that we’d be driving flying cars in 2015 and for a while, we probably all were convinced that there was a strong possibility it would happen. As the years went by, this prediction seemed far more fantasy than reality.  While our vehicles may still be planted firmly on the ground, there have been incredible developments in design, technology and fabrication that have brought us some impressive advancements.

Lane Correction

Current Lane Detection systems notify you with an indicator light, beeping and haptic feedback with vibrations in the steering wheel or even vibrating in the seat in some models. But future Lane Correction sets its sights going beyond simply alerting you that you are departing from your lane or even helping you correct your steering once you have.  Future Lane Correction takes it even a step further by helping maintain your vehicle’s presence in the center of the lane so larger corrections are no longer necessary.

Collision Prevention

Collision Prevention systems already help alert drivers when an impending collision is likely to take place and some even automatically begin to apply the brakes to help reduce or completely prevent impact.  Future systems will up the ante completely by detecting when the braking distance is too short to avoid an object, such as a pedestrian stepping out in front of the vehicle, and add steering assistance to guide the vehicle around the barrier.

360° Views

Why just have a backup camera when you could have a clear 360° view around your entire vehicle?  Future safety systems will do just that.  In addition to providing a view of the area immediately behind your vehicle, 360° cameras with cameras stationed around the vehicle which displays the area around both sides of the vehicle and gives a panorama view of the front and back, with some models even able to give a bird’s-eye view of the top of vehicle.

Night Vision

It’s no mystery that as daylight vanishes, it gets more difficult to see animals and objects in the roadway ahead of you.  Night Vision systems can help drivers avoid a collision by using infrared light sources to illuminate obstacles in the road, giving them more time to react.

Pedestrian Detection

With the risk of a fatality being caused when vehicle-pedestrian collisions occur, car companies will be working to add Pedestrian Detection systems to help alleviate the likelihood.  When these systems detect a walker, jogger, bicyclist or motorcyclist in the path of the vehicle, it can alert the driver or even applies the brakes to stop the vehicle.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control takes the guesswork out of the space between you and the vehicle in front of you.  By utilizing onboard sensors and software, it can automatically manage the distance between your vehicle and the one ahead of you, preventing you from suddenly finding yourself to close and worse yet, rear-ending the vehicle you were following.

Vehicle To Vehicle Communications

Vehicle To Vehicle Communications sounds a lot like your vehicle will be calling another vehicle on its own and in a way, it kind of does.  In the future, vehicles will be able to talk to each other through intelligence vehicle systems using Wi-Fi to transmit your vehicle’s location to other vehicles and let your vehicle know of vehicles around you.  This can be helpful in situations where a vehicle has stopped suddenly up ahead or alerting you of an approaching car before passing a vehicle.

Bluetooth Standard

Handsfree will become the new normal when Bluetooth is no longer an upgrade or option but when it becomes standard.  This will allow for drivers to change a song or make a phone call without having to take their hands off the wheel.  Additionally, these systems will be able to read texts so drivers can keep their eyes on the road ahead

Adaptive Headlights

Unlike standard headlights, Adaptive Headlights are able to pivot when necessary by reacting to the speed, steering and elevation of the vehicle to increase visibility over hills and around corners. This can not only help drivers driving at night see obstacles in the road faster and help increase your vehicle’s visibility to other drivers who are approaching.

Driver Health Monitor

What if your vehicle could alert you that you were about to have a heart attack or for those with epilepsy that they are going to have a seizure?  It sounds impossible but advancements are making it much more likely.  Driver Health Monitor systems would use systems within the seatbelt and steering wheel to gauge if the driver’s vital statistics are reaching a dangerous level.  In addition to pulling the vehicle over to prevent a crash, these systems will also be able to notify EMS of the emergency and location so help can be on their way.


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