clean-carWe all know an organized car, makes for a happy vehicle owner but busy schedules can often derail the best of intentions to keep our vehicle neat.  Between shuttling the kids to sports and school, commuting to work, and running errands, it’s easy for our vehicles to end up looking more like we live in them instead of simply driving them.  With a plan of attack, it is possible to banish the clutter and mayhem for good though.  Here’s our tips for getting your car organized and keeping it that way!


Empty It Out

The first step to getting organized is getting everything out!  Start by removing everything from your vehicle including floor mats, trash, paperwork, sports equipment and belongings.  By taking out all of the items, you can begin to decide what should stay and what should be thrown away, organized or simply re-homed.


Deep Clean Interior

It won’t help to have everything in it’s place if all of those places are covered in dust, dirt and grime.  You’ll want to give your car a thorough cleaning before you dive deep into organizing:

  1. Remove floor mats – setting aside to clean up later.
  2. Wash windows – water, a microfiber towel and a little elbow grease work great and are chemical free.
  3. Wipe down surfaces – steering wheel, dashboards, cup holders, door interiors, floorboards. Use a toothbrush and/or a Q-Tip to get in those small and hard to clean crevices. Coffee filters can easily pick up dirt & dust, and since they’re lint free they won’t leave debris behind.
  4. Vacuum – all upholstery, dashboards, crevices, floors, under the seats and floor mats.


Wash Exterior

While a car wash may do the job quickly, nothing can beat the look and satisfaction of handwashing your own vehicle:

  1. Hose down your vehicle with water.
  2. Get a bucket of soapy of water – while it may be tempting to use them, household soap products can damage your vehicle’s protective wax and should be avoided.
  3. Scrub exterior with a soft sponge or cloth.
  4. Wiper blades – wipe down with a rag dampened with alcohol to clean grime and grease off blades.
  5. Clean headlights – toothpaste on a rag can clean the dirtiest headlights in a snap.


Decide What You Need

By now, you may already be relishing how terrific your vehicle can look when it’s free of belongings and completely clean inside and out.  But chances are you won’t be able to keep it entirely devoid of personal things.  Start by going through paperwork to decide what actually needs to be kept in the vehicle.  Discard trash and any out of date papers.  Personal items that don’t need to be kept in the car should be brought inside, including cups, water bottles, clothing, and bags.

Questions to ask yourself are:

  1. Should this be thrown away?
  2. Do I really need it in the vehicle?
  3. Who uses this item?
  4. Where is the best place to store this item?

In the next step we can finally get down to the nitty gritty for items that need to go back into the car.


Get Proactive

The only way to keep things from piling up and gaining control of the space inside your vehicle again is to get proactive and create solutions to problem clutter areas.

  • Glove box – keep important papers like registration, proof of insurance and car repair receipts organized in a folder or small accordion file.
  • Cup holders – now that your cup holders are clean, let’s keep them that way! Place silicone cupcake liners inside to catch crumbs, change & debris. Not only are they easy to remove for cleaning, they can easily be replaced when needed.
  • Back Seat – fit a pocket organizer over the back of seats to catch all those items that end up laying on the floor, including toys, lotions, bug spray, snacks, wipes, etc.
  • Trunk – trunks can store a lot of items but they can also wreak havoc when those items start rolling all over. Use storage containers or boxes to keep umbrellas, balls, equipment, gloves, blankets, emergency kit and groceries grouped together and stored to find items quickly and to create more space for other items you may need occasionally like folding chairs and store purchases.



Your car is finally the picture of organized glory!!  But how do you keep it that way once the chaos of life jumps back in for a ride?

  1. Keep the trash out – while you’re pumping gas at the station, you could also be dumping your trash.  Take advantage of the time you’re waiting for your car to fill with fuel to toss any items you can throw away.
  2. Take it out – items that made it into your vehicle for the ride, also need to get back inside. Make it a habit for everyone in your vehicle to take those same items with them when they exit the vehicle.
  3. Put it back – it seems like a no-brainer but putting items back in the container or place you are storing them is the easiest way to keep your car looking nice and organized.


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