Grand Rapids, Michigan has well established itself as a city deserving of the name Beer City, USA.  Even before the title was dubbed to Grand Rapids two consecutive years in a row, its residents had a passion for all things brewing related.  Not only were they interested in partaking in the impressive craft beer West Michigan has to offer but in learning about the process behind the bottle.   As the number of beer enthusiasts who wish to visit the different area breweries has grown, so too has the demand for tours.  Below, we’ll discuss options differing from Group Tours to Shuttle Services in the West Michigan area.

Group Tours of Breweries

You can take advantage of a safe, designated driver with the added plus of receiving a guided tour of local breweries by registering for a tour with one of the following companies.

Grand Rapids Beer Tours

GR Beer Tours

Grand Rapids Beer Tours vary depending on the date, covering the Grand Rapids East Side (Brewery Vivant, Elk Brewing, and Harmony Brewing Company), Grand Rapids Central (Founders Brewing Company, The Mitten Brewing Company and Grand Rapids Brewing Company), and the Northern Lakeshore (OddSide Ales, Dutch Girl Brewing Company, Unruly Brewing Company and Pigeon Hill Brewing Company).  You can book your reservation for one of these featured tours or plan your own by visiting their website.  

West Michigan Beer Tours

west michigan beer tours

An impressive 42 Breweries are listed on West Michigan Beer Tours and while they may not tour all of them frequently, there’s no question about their love of West Michigan breweries!  Keep track of what breweries are being toured next or buy tickets to join by visiting their website.  

Live Eventfully

Live Eventfully

If you’re looking for a something more than just a traditional brewery tour, Live Eventfully is the place to check out.  Their website offers a range of touring options, not limited to but including beer tasting!  From furniture to Founders, you can learn about the early years of Grand Rapids, as well as its history today.  

Shuttle Services

Traditional tours are a great way to learn the behind the scenes process of brewing great beer but if flexibility in schedule and choices are more important to you, then you might prefer one of these options of transportation.  

Beer City Runner

hoptimus prime

Beer City Runner is exactly what their name suggests it might be. Offering a shuttle service to seven different breweries in Grand Rapids’ downtown area, stopping once an hour every hour on Fridays and Saturdays.  Purchase a ticket good for riding all day/night by visiting their website.  

Great Lakes Pub Cruiser

Great Lakes Pub Cruiser

The Great Lakes Pub Cruiser touts itself as the first “green pub” in West Michigan and while you can’t actually drink beer while riding it, it can take you to your next beer destination.  With many tours available to choose from, a Downtown Loop, Craft Beer Tour, and Mini Craft Beer Tour offer samplings of beer from a variety of downtown Grand Rapids breweries such as Founders, Hopcat, Grand Rapids Brewing Company and The Mitten Brewery.  Be sure to check out their website to see all the details on how to integrate cycling and beer consumption safely!

Green Machine Pedicabs

Green Machine Pedicabs

Interested in being environmentally friendly but not so much in doing the work yourself?  Then Green Machine Pedicabs is just for you!  They advertise tours throughout Downtown Grand Rapids with a personalized touch and a history shared in our beautiful city, including all the local hotspots.  Check out their website for more information.



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