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The BMG Difference

Quality Cars

Broadmoor Motors offers a wide variety of vehicles for all your used car buying needs in Middleville.  From reliable Minivans to Luxury Sedans, Commercial Trucks to Cargo Vans, every day SUV’s and Heavy Duty Trucks.  If you can’t locate the used car you’re looking for in our inventory, please use our FREE Car Finder system where you tell us the vehicle you’re looking for and we’ll help find it for you.

Pressure Free Environment

If you’re looking for a hard sell on used cars in Middleville, this isn’t the place for you.  We’re people too and understand how uncomfortable and unpleasant working with an aggressive salesman can be, so we’ve created a pressure free environment for our customers to shop within.  We know our buyers are capable of deciding for themselves if they’re interested in purchasing or not.  Our knowledgeable sales people are happy to answer any questions you might have and allow you to shop in peace.

Community Focus

At Broadmoor Motors, we believe community is far more than just a place where a person lives or works; it’s about making connections and getting involved.  We believe strongly in giving back to the community we’re a part of and that includes Middleville, MI.  We’re passionate about contributing toward the betterment of the towns we do business in and believe that collectively, we can have a great impact.  You can learn more about the various charities Broadmoor Motors supports by clicking here.


Flexibility is one of the main principles our customer service is built around. Not only do we offer an incredible variety of vehicles to choose from at a fantastic price, but you’ll find the same great flexibility and convenience in our Car Rental Department. With direct billing to insurance companies, we can eliminate the hassle and get you back on the road while your car is in the shop.

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What We Do Is Unique

We sell used vehicles, trucks, SUVs, 4 door sedans, electric cars, hybrids and 4×4’s.  We tell you everything about the vehicle too and sometimes even help you buy a car from someone else.  Ask us why!

We believe that one of the keys to our great reputation is our ability to service the used cars we sell.  We stand behind what we sell even if it COSTS US thousands of dollars to repair an unforeseen mechanical issue after your purchase.  It’s never fun when this happens, but we have the licensed mechanics, loaner cars and friendly people in place to get you back in your vehicle as rapidly as possible.

FREE 30 Day Warranty

We warranty almost every vehicle we sell with the exception of our “B”udget lot cars.  We’ll even put a 30 day warranty on a vehicle with 200,000 miles!  We can offer this assurance because we have the repair facilities to work on the used cars we sell.  We also offer a longer term, low-cost service contract that is owned and administered directly by Broadmoor Motors Group!  No need to call a 1-800 number to file a claim, just bring the vehicle to any of our three locations and get a free rental car while our mechanics fix the problems.  Stop in and ask us about our BMG Protection Plan next time you’re in the neighborhood.  [More Information]

The Extra Info You Need

Since the inception of the internet pricing has become very transparent in every industry including the car business in Middleville.  Because of this, car dealerships have looked for alternative ways to earn profit from buyers.  The business focus moved away from the individual and quality car sales to these products and additional profit they can generate.  We DO NOT believe in marking up finance rates or selling overpriced priced warranties.  Many car dealers offer a range of products and the salesperson will often pick what they think you want or worse yet, how much more you can afford.  At Broadmoor Motors we put ourselves in the customer’s shoes. Make sure to have this discussion with our sale representatives and we can shed light on some of these sneaky products and ploys.

Just Because It’s The Right Thing To Do

We feel that purchasing a car is one of the biggest decisions a person can make.  We don’t believe the used car industry treats it this way.  We have made it our policy to remain transparent throughout the car buying process.  Buying an SUV or truck can be overwhelming but we are here to help…so much so, that we’ll even help you buy a used car in Middleville from someone else.  We understand we don’t have perfect used cars and sometimes we don’t have the vehicle you’re looking for.  We just can’t bear to watch someone get taken advantage of.  Ask us and we’ll tell you everything we know about the car you’re looking at buying.  If that helps you purchase one of our used cars or one from someone else, then we’ve done our job!

We Have The Best & Brightest

We are very happy to announce that we have been selected to “West Michigan’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For” the third year in a row.  We learned early on, that treating our employees like family translates into them treating customers like family.  It’s just that simple.  We work hard to serve; that is first and foremost, profits can come later.  Selling used cars to Middleville customers with this philosophy is very rewarding and we are having a wonderful time doing it!

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