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Mistakes Parents Make When Car Shopping For Their Teen Driver

It’s the day your teen has been dreaming of and probably one as a parent that you’ve been nervous to arrive… the day they get their own driver’s license. A rite of passage for a teenager, most look forward to gaining more independence and getting their own set of wheels! While it can be a very exciting time for a youngster, it can also be a stressful time for parents when it comes to deciding what vehicle to buy for them. Here are the common mistakes parents make when car shopping for their teen drivers.


Buying Too Cheap

We get it… vehicles are expensive and adding another one to your family can mean taking a hit to your bank account. And while it is tempting to buy the cheapest vehicle you can find, that might not actually be the best option for your teen or your budget in the long run. Buying a vehicle that’s too cheap can result in a lot of costly issues you’ll end up needing to fix constantly, which could mean you end up pouring more into your vehicle than what it’s worth and what you could have spent on a more reliable used car. Regardless of where you end up purchasing a used vehicle from, we recommend having a trusted mechanic give it a look over to make sure it’s mechanically sound.


Buying A New Vehicle

You know that iconic scene from movies? A parent has their son or daughter close their eyes and step outside to see a beautiful brand new car with a giant red bow attached to it. The teen screams in delight, hugs their parent and a magical moment is born. But the truth is that buying a brand new vehicle for your teenager is not only incredibly expensive but also impractical. 46% of new drivers end up being involved in an auto accident their first year of driving and 37% of teens in their second year of driving have some type of collision. Not only will costs to repair a new vehicle over a used one be more expensive due to the unavailability of used parts but your insurance rates will go up as well.

And have we mentioned insurance rates yet for your young driver? Yowza! Parents can expect their policy to increase from 130% to 140% when adding their teen driver to their policy, with the average increase being $2000 annually. Then factor in the additional cost of insuring a brand new vehicle and you’ll see why many parents decide a used vehicle works best for their family.


Not Considering Safety

Parents love their kids but without realizing it, oftentimes they overlook one of the most important factors when deciding on the right vehicle for their teen and that’s safety features and ratings. It’s easier to find a cheaper vehicle the older it is but with a later model car, you typically get less when it comes to safety features that could not only protect your young driver in the event they are involved in an accident but help lessen the pain of that insurance premium. At the minimum, features such as electronic stability control, front airbags, antilock brakes, traction control and tire pressure monitors should be something you look to include in any vehicle you purchase.


Only Looking At Private Sellers

While many people begin their search of a used vehicle for their teenager looking through private sellers thinking that buying through an individual will secure them the best deal, they could be making a big mistake. As we mentioned before, a used vehicle can come with past issues and problems that a new buyer may not be aware of but purchasing a car from a reputable dealership where a trusted mechanic has looked it over and already fixed any problems can help you avoid any unpleasant surprises in the future. In addition, some dealerships such as Broadmoor Motors offer their customers a 30 day warranty on their vehicles as well as offer extended warranties so customers can feel confident with their purchase.


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