Buying a vehicle, whether new or used, is a big financial decision and before you start your search for the perfect vehicle, it’s important to know the answers to some questions you might not even be thinking about yet but could end up costing you money in the long run.


Questions To Decide New Or Used


  • Do I need financing?
  • Will I have a down payment necessary to finance a vehicle?
  • Am I willing to take a 20-30% hit on depreciation from buying new or would I rather let someone else?
  • Is a warranty important to me?
  • If I buy a used vehicle, does this dealership offer any type of warranty?
  • Should I consider buying an extended warranty?


Questions Before You Begin Your Search


  • Should I buy New or Used?
  • What is the primary purpose of this vehicle?
  • Will it be a family van that will need to transport a lot of people, used as a commuter requiring great gas mileage, or will it predominantly be used as a work truck?
  • Who will be riding in it?
  • What is the terrain like where it will be driven most (rough terrain requiring 4WD/AWD or city driving)?
  • What’s the most important factor… fuel efficiency, ability to haul loads, multiple people, having 4 Wheel Drive or All Whelle Drive?
  • Is there enough storage room, cup holders, cubby space?
  • What is the towing capacity (if it’s a truck or SUV)?
  • What safety features are a necessity?
  • What extra options would you like to have in your next vehicle?


Questions During The Test Drive


  • Does it handle well?
  • Do I feel comfortable driving in it?
  • Do my legs rest comfortably against the seats or do they dig in?
  • Can I reach the gas & brake pedal easily or is a strain?
  • Does the driver seat raise or lower enough for me to have a clear line of sight over the hood?
  • Is there adequate head and leg room for everyone who will frequently be in the vehicle?
  • Can the headrests be adjusted to a comfortable and safe position?
  • Does the seatbelt fit comfortably and can it be adjusted to fit various drivers?
  • Is there enough room for my likely passengers?
  • Will car seats fit in safely and correctly if need be?
  • Is it easy to park?
  • Are the windows large enough to gain a clear line of sight for me or are there glaring blind spots within the vehicle?
  • Does it shift smoothly?
  • Does the suspension handle bumps well?
  • Will it fit in my garage?
  • Can the gauges be read easily while I’m driving?
  • Does the A/C work and the heater?
  • Does cruise control, Bluetooth and displays work?
  • How clearly can I see when in reverse?
  • Is there a backup camera, and is it easy to view while reversing?
  • Can I get in and out of the vehicle easily?
  • Do the doors open and close easily?
  • Can I reach the dashboard easily or are there steering wheel mounted controls?
  • Is the Navigation/Entertainment Center intuitive and easy to use or is it a distraction?
  • Is the seatbelt in a comfortable position or does it dig in (neck, waist, hips, etc.)?


Questions At The Dealership


  • What year is the vehicle?
  • Whether it’s new or used, does this vehicle come with a warranty?
  • Does it have 4 Wheel Drive, All Wheel Drive, Rear Wheel Drive or Front Wheel Drive?
  • Has it been in any accidents?
  • If it’s a used vehicle, are there service records available?
  • If it’s a new vehicle, are there any rebates, special APR or incentives available with this vehicle?
  • Are there any special features it has and am I paying extra for them?
  • Can I take it to a mechanic to be inspected if it’s a used car, minivan, truck or SUV?
  • Does it have a clean title or is it a salvage title?
  • What kind of interest rate can I get if I finance through the dealership?
  • Do you markup your financing?
  • How many owners has the vehicle had?
  • What kind of mpg does the vehicle get?
  • Are there additional fees involved with purchasing the vehicle?
  • Do you offer extended warranties?


Questions After You Leave


  • What do the reviews from previous vehicle owners say about it’s reliability, performance and value?
  • What do previous customers say about the dealership after they’ve purchased a vehicle from them?
  • Do those reviews include a positive experience with the salesman you’re working with?
  • Can you afford the vehicle, including tax, registration, and insurance?
  • If there is no warranty, can I afford any repairs that come along if needed?
  • Do I really like the car?



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