Today’s cars, trucks, SUVs and minivans have easily changed in a hundred different ways since the first automobile was invented.  Along with advancements in durability, vehicles have come a long way in technological advances that make them easier and safer to drive.  Being behind the wheel of a safer vehicle has its own obvious advantages, some of them may help take the edge off of your insurance premium as well.  While there are many factors that all insurance companies use to compute your insurance premium, you should check with your insurance agent to see if any discounts are available to you for your vehicle having any of the following safety devices or systems.


Voice Controls

With the dramatic increase of accidents linked to distracted driving, automakers have begun to utilize voice controls help drivers keep their hands on the wheel while still being able to perform tasks such as dialing someone’s phone number, composing texts, or changing the radio. Since its inception, voice controls have even grown to include turn by turn navigation, bluetooth radio and phone call features.


Automatic High Beams  

Automatic High Beams use lasers and sensors to detect light sources such as oncoming headlights or taillights of the car ahead.  Once they have detected these light sources, they automatically switch between low beams and high beams to optimize nighttime visibility and reduce human error.


Parking Sensors & Backup Camera

Parking Sensors automatically detects objects behind a vehicle using proximity sensors and issues a beeping warning as you near obstacles.  Often they are used in conjunction with a backup camera and a projected route displayed on a small LCD display on the instrument panel or dashboard to show you your path while the backup camera shows a wide-angle view of the vicinity behind the vehicle.


Park Assist

It might feel a little like magic but Park Assist has become a reality in today’s modern cars, vans, SUV’s and trucks!  As one of the most intelligent systems available, Park Assist utilizes sensors, cameras and radar technology to be a fully automated parking aid.  Initially intended to assist solely with parallel parking, advancements now allow for it to help with bay parking.


Lane Detection

Lane Detection works by detecting road markings to alert you if your vehicle begins to drift out of its current lane.  If a vehicle does start to drift out of its lane, a warning indicator light will light on the dashboard and a beeping will occur. This allows the driver time to take notice and correct its course before an accident occurs.  It is important to note that Lane Detection systems rely on road markings to work accurately and will not work if on an unmarked road or if they are covered by ice, snow, leaves or debris.

Automatic Braking System

Automatic Braking Systems work at high speeds by combining sensors and braking to detect how far and how fast the vehicle in front of you is moving and slowing down if necessary to avoid an accident.  While some systems only work to slow a vehicle down, others will stop a vehicle completely.  Since fatal crashes are more likely to occur at higher speeds, Automatic Braking Systems can help save lives as well as reduce the cost and severity of repairs.


Blind Spot Warning

Just as the name implies, Blind Spot Warning is technology that helps detect vehicles that are in the driver’s side and rear blind spots.  Typically, it gives a visual warning with flashing indicator, an audible beeping or vibrating the steering wheel as a warning.  By doing so, it can aid the driver in noticing a vehicle that’s often hard to to and avoid an accident.


Automatic Windshield Wipers

Quite possibly, one of the most essential requirements to driving safely is the ability to see clearly any obstacles in your path, not to mention the actual path before you.  Automatic Windshield Wipers assist in that mission by detecting moisture on the windshield and clearing it off before it becomes an issue.  It does this by using an optical sensor mounted inside the windshield near the rearview mirror to detect how much of the infrared light is being directed back to it.


Pedestrian Detection

Pedestrian Detection utilizes stereoscopic cameras mounted behind the rearview mirror and radar to detect human movement ahead and alerts the driver, with some automatically braking.  This system is best when working at 10mph or less but as speeds increase over 30mph, the time to slow down is increased and Pedestrian Detection becomes less effective at avoiding a collision.


Forward-Collision Warning

Forward Collision Warning scans the road ahead to detect vehicles, and in some cases objects, moving slowly or even stopped.  It does this using sensors, cameras and radar to calculate the speed of movement of vehicles in front of you and alerts the driver using visual, audial and tactile warnings.


Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control adjusts the speed of your vehicle automatically, whether accelerating or decelerating, to maintain a certain distance between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead of you. One or more sensors – including radar and computer-connected cameras – read the road ahead of you for traffic allow this safety system to make these adaptations and help avoid a rear end collision.


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