Spring is finally here and for many people in West Michigan, the opportunity to give their vehicles a good cleaning to scrub the dirt, dust and clutter that may have accumulated over the long winter in Grand Rapids.  Not only will a deep cleaning make your vehicle look and smell better, but a thorough washing can help give it a longer life while making it more comfortable to ride in every day.  Time to grab your cleaning supplies and get to work on these areas!


Toss the trash

Get going on making your ride a mean and clean automobile by figuring out what needs to go and what needs to stay.  Remove any unnecessary clutter that may have made its way into your vehicle and toss any debris you come across.


Wipe it down

Next, you can begin the task of wiping down your console, steering wheel, dashboards, cup holders, door interiors, door jams and floorboards. Use a toothbrush or a Q-Tip to get in those small, hard to clean crevices. Coffee filters make a surprising and excellent option for dusting and can easily pick up dirt & dust. Additionally, since they’re lint free they won’t leave debris behind.


Clean the windows and mirrors

Eyes might be the windows to the soul but your vehicle’s windows are the only way to see obstacles and hazards in your path, in addition to letting you see the road ahead.  Dirty windows can impede your safety and even cause the inability to see when another vehicle’s headlights shine towards you or during sunrise and sunset.  Use a clean, microfiber cloth to avoid using chemicals or bust out some window cleaner with some paper towels or newspapers to get that glass a shining.


Vacuum the inside

It’s time to suck it up with a thorough vacuuming of your vehicle’s interior!  Be sure to vacuum your upholstery, dashboards, crevices, floors, under the seats and floor mats.


Scrub the mats

There is no doubt about it… after a grueling West Michigan winter, those floor mats can be in pretty rough shape.  Spring is a perfect time to spiff them up and get them looking the way they originally did.  If they are stained or extremely dirty, remove them from your vehicle after vacuuming and clean them with a carpet cleaner.


Give the exterior a bath

Now that the interior of your vehicle is clean, it’s time to give the exterior some TLC.  By either running your vehicle through a car wash or scrubbing it down by hand, wash your vehicle with soap intended to be used on automobiles.  Be sure to give it a coat of wax too to help protect your vehicle’s finish.


Hose down the undercarriage

The salt that Kent County Road Commission puts down on area roads makes driving safer and easier, but it can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s body.  Whether you take your car to a car wash or decide to do it yourself, it’s important to take a minute to hose down the undercarriage of your vehicle to help wash away the salt that can lead to rust and corrosion to your exhaust system, muffler, subframe, hydraulic brake system and coil springs.


Brighten your headlights

Make those headlights shine as good as new by giving them a good scrubbing.  Pro tip… use toothpaste on a rag can clean the dirtiest headlights quickly.


Replace your blades

You know what they say… April showers bring May flowers.  Spring is a perfect time to replace the battered and beaten windshield wipers who have braved the freezing cold and ice of Grand Rapids’ bitter winters.  The extreme cold can crack and break the rubber blades of your wiper blades and as the weather transitions to more rain, they will become even more important in providing a clean windshield.


Swap out your Winter Tires

If you opted for winter tires on your vehicle during the winter months, Spring is the time to get them swapped out into All Season Tires or Summer Tires.  Not only are they more friendly to our West Michigan roads when there is no snow on the ground, but all season tires will also offer better gas mileage and a smoother ride.


Check and replace missing fluids

Fluids are the lifeblood of your engine and if you’re missing any, your vehicle is straining to perform.  Make sure you’re not overdue for an oil change to ensure the oil is clean and full, as well as a new air filter to gain your best gas mileage.  Next, check yourself or have your trusted mechanic check your Coolant, Brake, Transmission and Steering fluids to make sure none of them are low.  If they are low, it’s important to replace them but it could also be telling of a bigger problem you should resolve.  Also, while your hood is up, double check that your Washer Fluid reservoir is full to keep your windshield clear of any dirt, grime or debris.



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