Forget apple pie and baseball… is there truly anything more American than a summer road trip seeking out adventure and relaxation??  It seems unlikely.  And as the summer heats up, many families are packing up the car, minivan, truck or SUV to head out on the open road in hopes to see new sights and make lasting memories with their loved ones.  Whether you are leaving West Michigan in hopes for long distance travel across the USA or staying somewhere a little more local in Michigan, check out these terrific travel hacks that can help you keep your sanity and discover so much more…


Drop Pin – When you’re in a new city, it can be easy to become overwhelmed with your strange surroundings and makes it difficult to remember exactly where you parked your car.  To avoid having to try and recall landmarks or street names, just drop a pin in the map on your smartphone and continue on your merry way. Plus, when you’re ready to head back to your vehicle, you can simply have your phone navigate you back to the pin!

Change – Keep $1 and $5 bills on hand in your vehicle as well as quarters (which can be kept stacked in a large prescription bottle for easier access and storage) for meters, toll roads, tipping, wishing wells… you never know.

iExit app – Have you ever needed to make a bathroom break on the highway but didn’t know how close the nearest rest stop was to your location?  Or have you ever been craving a particular fast food but you weren’t sure if one was coming along in the near future?  The iExit app can help you discover what’s coming up ahead before you get there! – Nothing is better than local fare when you’re traveling but how do you know what that town you’re visiting is famous for without being local?  Enter!  This website shares the best of the best in great eats all over the country, so next time you’re in an unfamiliar town, check it out to see where you should get your grub on!

Money, Money, Money – Cash Is King but not if you forget it at home. You’d be surprised how often this actually happens! Before heading out for your next vacation, double, triple and quadruple check you have all important documents like your ID, passport, credit cards you made reservations under and any money you planned on bringing with you.

Preventative Maintenance – According to AAA, most breakdowns could have been prevented by having the vehicle serviced before even setting off on the road.  Save yourself the unexpected nightmare of delays and money spent fixing mechanical issues by getting your vehicle serviced before that next big trip.  While you’re at it, bring a spare battery for your key fob and/or a spare key for your vehicle to avoid becoming one of the 4 million people annually who have to call for help.

Clean Bathroom – Looking for a bathroom you’d actually want to use?  Download the Sitorsquat, Where to Wee, Flush, or Bathroom Scout app to help you hear the lowdown on nearby facilities before you decide to use them.

Load Smarter – There are two kinds of people in this world… those who know how to load a vehicle and those that don’t.  Make your trip easier by keeping nonessentials loaded in the back and anything that you might need access to more often, such a cooler, electronics or a bag filled with snacks nearby. Even smarter, pack a small overnight bag for hotel stops on the way including pajamas, toiletries, swimsuit, charger and your next day’s change of clothes to help avoid having to completely unload and reload all your luggage.

Food To Go – Eating in your vehicle can sure be convenient but it can be difficult to do it while moving. Utilizing a small shower caddy to hold drinks and food on your lap can help keep things tidy and allow you to use both hands to chow down.  Take it a step further and fill a clean tacklebox organized with snacks to create a seamless carrying case and dining tray all in one.

Directions – Technology has made traveling easier than it ever has been before.  Whether it’s a local jaunt in Grand Rapids or a larger trek, in-vehicle navigation systems and GPS directional apps on smartphones make it possible to have turn by turn directions to wherever you want to go. Which is fantastic until they lose their signal.  It’s always a great idea to keep a traditional map in your vehicle as well as either downloading directions or taking screenshots of directions in case you do lose your signal.



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