Theft Recovered Vehicles

What is a Theft Recovered Vehicle?


When a vehicle is stolen from its owner, the owner reports it to their insurance company, as well as the law enforcement.

If the vehicle has not been found and recovered within a specific period of time set forth by the auto insurance company, they will disburse a payment to the owner within a short period of time.

Based on the policy of the insurance company regarding stolen vehicle’s title, the title could stay CLEAN or converted into a SALVAGE title.

Here, at Broadmoor Motors, we prefer theft recovered vehicles with SALVAGE titles, because unlike a theft recovered vehicle with a CLEAN title, we can offer you a vehicle at a significantly lower price.

The best part: the car might not have any damage AT ALL!

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As the graphs show, the initial purchase price on a stolen and recovered vehicle can save you thousands from the beginning but that’s not the end of its benefits. Buying a stolen and recovered vehicle can often times help you buy a newer vehicle with more options… all for less money than its clean titled counterpart! Additionally, stolen and recovered vehicles depreciate at a slower rate than traditional vehicles because their value has already dropped.

For example, if the clean title vehicle someone purchased for $25,000 would be expected to depreciate $5,000 in a certain time frame based on the market, the stolen and recovered salvage title vehicle you bought for $19,997 and already saved $5,000 on the purchase price would have only lost $4,000 of its value based on the same market! Meaning, when you’re ready to sell it, it will have retained more of its value than a clean title AND you would have saved yourself $7,000 over buying the clean title vehicle after depreciation.

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At Broadmoor Motors, we work hard to make our customers happy, as well as to gain their trust and support for life.

Therefore, you can be assured that we will not hide or try to withhold any important information regarding our vehicles’ history just to make a sale.

Our reputation precedes us, and our transparency with each customer encourages us to build relationships on honesty, trust, and protection.


Not all Theft Recovered vehicles have salvage title, some will have clean title


BMG honors factory warranties on qualifying vehicles, even though factory warranty is void due to salvage status


Financing is available for Theft Recovery Vehicles. Ask our salesmen for more info


Clearwater Warranty is backed by BMG, and the price is still considerably lower than a clean no story vehicle at a different dealer.

To learn more about Salvage Titles, please visit this Michigan Secretary of State Salvage Titles page

Concerns About the Value of This Vehicle When It’s Time to Resell It?

Broadmoor Motors will buy it back from you!


  • We understand that vehicles with a negative history report are more difficult to resell or trade in for another vehicle in this market, and this is why we want to offer you top dollar for your vehicle when you are ready for a new one.


  • We will take it as a trade-in for another vehicle of your choice or just buy it back from you even if you buy elsewhere.


  • Since we already know the history of this vehicle, and we also have the original pictures of this vehicle when it was sold to us, we are not afraid to stand behind it after a second sale.


We will be sure to take care of you just like we do with any of our family and friends, employees, and all customers at Broadmoor Motors

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